Facilities & Financial Assistance

In Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya Pallahara ,free Studentship and half free studentship are granted to the poor student and deserving students of the college. The Principal invites applications for the same from the students in a prescribed form available in the college office. Applicants are required to appear before an interview. Poverty-cum-merit serves as the sole basis for the grant of Free and half free studentship .

Financial Assistance is granted to the deserving poor students from this fund.

50% concession of the current fare shall be allowed to a student:-

—for his daily journey to Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya from his own village only if he is not a boarder and the distance of journey within 50 Kilometers and
—for going home during summer and puja vacations to meet his/her parents at the address recorded in the college long Roll. The student should carry his college Identity Card while travelling by the bus to avail such concession


The following financial assistance is provided to the students of Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya.

  1. National Scholarship: Deserving students are selected by the Government of Orissa in order of merit.
  2. National Loan Scholarship is awarded to the students reading in various classes who have secured 50% of marks in the Annual High School Certificate and +2 examination.
  3. Post matric stipends to the students of schedules caste and scheduled tribe.
  4. Scholarship for deaf, blind and orthopedically handicapped students . Such students must apply in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the office of the District Social Welfare officer.
  5. Junior College Scholarship on merit cum poverty is warded to the students on the result of Annual C.H.S.E. Examination.
  6. Scholarship and aids to the children of Political suffers.
  7. Free studentship to the extent of 12.5 % of total student strength.
  8. Aid from(SSG/SAF) Social Service Guild / Students’ Aid Fund.
  9. Senior College Merit Scholarships.
  10. Education Concession to the children and dependants of Service personnel and Exservicemen.
  11. A Student in receipt of ‘one of the above Scholarships is not eligible to get another Scholarship, without the prior permission of the Director of Public Instruction Orissa, Bhubaneswar.
  12. Post Matric Scholarships are awarded by the Tribal and Rural Welfare Department and the Other Scholarships are awarded by the Director of Public Instruction, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.

Proctorial system has been introduced in the Mayagiri Mahavidyalaya for developing intimate relationship between the students and teachers for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. Under this system, a batch of 24 students are entrusted to the charge of a teacher whom the students need at a place and on the date previously fixed and put forth their difficulties for advice. Moreover, information regarding the academic performance, attendance in class and other matters in respect of every students is sent to the guidians once a quarter. Students are required to meet the Proctor at least once in a month or as many as is necessary and discuss with the proctor his/her difficulties or problems. All applications for Free-studentship, Financial aid, Borrowing books from the Library, Examinations etc. should come through the proctor with his recommendation.

Science Students of Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya are placed in different groups for the conduct of Practical classes. As soon as the Practical groups are formed, a student must find out to which group he/she has been assigned. If he/she does not find his/her name in any of the groups assigned for the Practical classes, he/she should bring this to the notice of the Principal immediately.

Every student should look to the College Notice Board placed at different points and the information Centres so as to get necessary information regarding all office orders, decisions and instructions given from time to time . The student may. however, seek clarification from the Office or the Officer-in-charge of the information Centre, if necessary. Ignorance of a student due to negligence in this regard will not be treated as an excuse